Mama and Munai 2 months

 Doula Work

Lauren has a passionate devotion to serving and empowering women and families. Her experience becoming a mother has provided her with a tremendous amount of tools to guide her in assisting mother’s immediately following the blessing of birth. 

Medicine Work 

Lauren uses a holistic and grounded approach when providing sacred herbal medicine. She uses traditional western medicine practices and uses her deep connection with the plant realm to guide others on their path. She is devoted to using herbal medicine as an act of empowerment.




  • Doula
  • Certified Clinical Herbalist
  • Life Coach
  • Nutritional Educator
  • Reiki Practitioner
  • Flower Essence Practitioner

Medicina Pachamama

The solid foundation under which her skills are able to be used in this world. Lauren is devoted to the plant realm and believes in it’s ability to empower and allow for deeper connection with our higher selves.

Background and Education

Lauren earned her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Women and Gender Studies at DePaul University. This paved the way for her work as an activist and educator on the U.S/Mexico border. She subsequently received a certification from the North American Institute of Medical Herbalism where her education included peace studies, conflict resolution, meditation, and group facilitation. She has studied with various western herbalists on topics including sacred smudges, flower and gem essences, and aromatherapy.  She has worked as an Herbalist and  Program Developer for Natural Doctors International in Nicaragua on the island of Ometepe. This work reinforced her love for plant-based medicine with her commitment to social justice issues and her understanding of how neo-liberal economic systems affect peoples’ access to medicine.