Transitional chapters come in all shapes and sizes…

Some are filled with peak experiences, positive breakthroughs, and profound insights. You ride a wave of newfound awareness for a few weeks, feeling empowered and clear. You’re confident that you won’t return to the place that you stood before. However, the daily grind slowly creeps back in and that exhilarating taste of transformation is now a mere memory.

While other transitions are heavy and dense. Something happened that was sudden and unexpected, which is triggering scarcity and insecurity. You feel challenged beyond your capacity and fearful. Your daily routine feels bland and simply put, you feel overwhelmed and lost.

Regardless of the texture of your transition, receiving Transformational and Integration Coaching is a vital step for implementing the initiation that is unfolding for you. Especially, in our busy, modern world, we must take a pause and integrate what we’re experiencing to allow change to happen on a cellular level. Otherwise, it’s merely a fleeting experience that happened to us.

During the Transformational and Integration Coaching sessions, Lauren uses a holistic and grounded approach to clients. Her vast knowledge of human dynamics, herbalism, energy work, holistic nutrition, and plant medicines enhance her ability to provide highly intuitive guidance. As an ally, Lauren creates a container of safety, trust, and compassion, while she holds you in the highest regard of love and respect.

A traditional integration framework is used that assists you in recognizing what is no longer serving you, what is coming forth, and what practices are needed to anchor your transformation. Many times, a deep spiritual shift needs to occur to transform through life’s most challenging transitions and this coaching framework will help you make that shift.

Some life transitions may include but are not limited to, experiences such as rites of passage, marriage, death, parenthood, new business, relocating, health issues, recovery/addiction, Saturn Return, medicine work, and so on.

Coaching Includes


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We are committed to affordable education and earth based medicine of the highest integrity. If the rates are not feasible, please feel free to contact Lauren so we can work together to formulate an agreement that honors us both. It is our calling and passion to offer support to others who say YES to their healing journey.


The nature of the visit is purely educational. Its intention is to empower you to be the agent of change in your own healing. We do not diagnose or prescribe. Our services are not meant to replace the care of a medical doctor.


All information shared during our time together (email, skype, phone, or in person) will be kept confidential and held in the most sacred container.