Coaching individuals through life transitions for transformation.

Transformational Coaching

Integration is key when working through life transitions and transforming them into powerful awakening experiences. A traditional integration framework is used that assists you in recognizing what is no longer serving you and one that guides you in creating the powerful changes necessary to serve your highest power.

The integration of experience includes, but is not limited to, experiences such as medicine work, rites of passage (e.g. maiden to mother), death, recovery/addiction, Saturn return, and so on. Many times, a deep spiritual shift needs to occur in order to transform through life’s most challenging transitions and this coaching framework will help you make that shift.

Coaching Includes —

  • A private 45-minute session
  • Transformation tools offering ongoing support
  • Follow up email support and action plan
  • Plant-based remedies to assist in the process

Our framework gives you the opportunity to hold yourself accountable, and therefore, make true transformations.

For more information or to book an appointment contact Lauren.   Ask about discounts on packages of 3 or more sessions.