Transformation Coaching Container

In our fast-paced, modern world, the art of pausing and integrating our experiences can make all the difference. Without this essential step, profound moments become mere fleeting memories. This is where Transformational and Integration Coaching steps in—a crucial catalyst for harnessing your potential for growth and change.

At the heart of this transformational journey is Lauren, a seasoned coach with a holistic and grounded approach. Her vast knowledge spans human dynamics, herbalism, energy work, holistic nutrition, and plant medicines. These facets enhance her ability to provide not just guidance, but deeply intuitive support that aligns with your unique path.

Why is coaching so crucial? It’s your compass in the labyrinth of life’s experiences. Lauren becomes your ally, creating a secure space filled with trust, compassion, and unwavering respect. She holds your hand as you explore and grow, facilitating the extraction of wisdom from your experiences and their seamless integration into your being.

Lauren’s coaching is the bridge to lasting change. It empowers you to navigate life’s challenges with newfound maturity, grace, and wisdom. With her by your side, you’ll create a life where you feel safe, secure, and empowered to face anything that comes your way.
Ready to embark on a journey of transformation and growth guided by the power of coaching? Contact Lauren today and set out on a path that will empower you to embrace life’s challenges with authenticity and grace.



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We are committed to affordable education and earth based medicine of the highest integrity. If the rates are not feasible, please feel free to contact Lauren so we can work together to formulate an agreement that honors us both. It is our calling and passion to offer support to others who say YES to their healing journey.


The nature of the visit is purely educational. Its intention is to empower you to be the agent of change in your own healing. We do not diagnose or prescribe. Our services are not meant to replace the care of a medical doctor.


All information shared during our time together (email, skype, phone, or in person) will be kept confidential and held in the most sacred container.

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