Of Soil & Stars Retreats

Of Soil and Stars is a sacred retreat space intended to aid in the profound process of transformation, healing, and growth. Located on a beautiful slope in Grass Valley region of California, this is safe place for those seeking to deeply explore and nourish themselves.

The value of taking intentional time away from the intensity of our day-to-day lives to tend to ourselves, surrender into stillness, and listen to our hearts is immeasurable. We offer a variety of events, community gatherings, workshops, and opportunities for personal reflection in this stunning and pristine retreat space.

It is with great pleasure that we make these offerings intended to fill your cup, open your heart, nourish your soul, and listen to the messages of the great mystery. We welcome you to gather with us where, together in community, we explore the vast beauty and love that lies within us.

Flower Essence Consultation

Flower essences are powerful, energetic soul remedies that are made by extracting the healing properties of plants. Acting as effective allies, they work with you to unravel the emotional patterns that no longer serve your highest potential. You will feel balance and harmony restored while you work with your flower essence remedies. As an experienced Flower Essence practitioner, Lauren creates a sacred container to guide you through your dynamic healing journey with support.


1:1 Coaching Container

In our busy, modern world, we must take a pause and integrate what we’re experiencing to allow change to happen on a cellular level. Otherwise, it’s merely a fleeting experience that happened to us. Transformational and Integration Coaching is a vital step for implementing the initiation that is unfolding for you. Lauren uses a holistic and grounded coaching approach with clients. Her vast knowledge of human dynamics, herbalism, energy work, holistic nutrition, and plant medicines enhance her ability to provide highly intuitive guidance. As an ally, she creates a container of safety, trust, and compassion, while holding you in the highest regard of love and respect.

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