Flower Essence Consultation

Flower essences are gentle — yet powerful — energetic remedies that are derived from flowers. Acting as effective allies, they work with us to unravel emotional (and often, habitual) patterns that may or may not be serving our highest potential. They empower us to deepen our relationship with ourselves and they offer a subtle, yet intense, shift  that highlights and strengthens our understanding of our essential nature.

When appropriately formulated for each individual’s specific needs, they can have tremendous influence over our mental, emotional, and physical wellbeing. Their healing potential is truly unlimited.

Consultation Includes

Flower essence consultations start at $100 per session.

Followup consultations within six months start at $75 per session.


We are committed to affordable education and earth based medicine of the highest integrity. If the rates are not feasible, please feel free to contact Lauren so we can work together to formulate an agreement that honors us both. It is our calling and passion to offer support to others who say YES to their healing journey.


The nature of the visit is purely educational. Its intention is to empower you to be the agent of change in your own healing. We do not diagnose or prescribe. Our services are not meant to replace the care of a medical doctor.


All information shared during our time together (email, skype, phone, or in person) will be kept confidential and held in the most sacred container.

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